Swiss Sustainability and Innovation Award

Swiss Sustainability and Innovation Award

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Sustainability is a priority in Swiss foreign policy and an especially relevant issue in Brazil. In the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development framework, Brazil and Switzerland seek a balance between preserving and protecting the environment and integrating innovative economies and inclusive growth.

Brazil represents an interesting and challenging context where economic development and international trade are strongly linked to sustainability. Both countries work on more than 120 initiatives in Brazil to achieve ambitious sustainability goals that combine the best of Swiss innovation and Brazilian creativity.

The first edition of the Sustainability and Innovation Award was created to bring together strategic management strengths based on the transition to a sustainable, technological, and innovative business model, jointly with the private, academic, and civil society sectors, and to foster potential collaborations in the area of corporate sustainability between Brazil and Switzerland.

The Award aims to recognize and strengthen Brazilian and Swiss companies and startups with corporate sustainability and innovation as a pillar of their business strategy and institutional culture.

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